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With PHYSICAL STORE IN PAULIST AVENUE, for over 27 years. Delivery to Greater Sao Paulo and ABC! Free Shipping in the area of Av. Paulista

Site Terms and Conditions of Use

What services do we offer?
We deliver floral arrangements, bouquets and complements for your gift. We make monthly flower subscriptions to companies.

Who makes the bouquets and arrangements?
They are copyrighted compositions developed and supervised by florist Leonidas Furtado. The photos on our site are REAL which will give you security when receiving your gift exactly as you chose.
If you would like a different arrangement from those on the site, please contact us, it will be a pleasure to fulfill your wish.

How can I place an order?
You can order your orders through the website, the landline or in person here in our store. For questions just contact us via whatsapp or chat. We do not outsource your order, they will be developed in our store, and the delivery time will be up to 03 hours (after bank approval). In the Paulista Avenue region we guarantee delivery within 30 minutes (Except commemorative days such as: VALENTINE'S DAY / MOTHER'S DAY etc).

Do you deliver on Sundays?
For Sunday deliveries, please contact the store by 3pm on Saturday through the Sales Center or Whatsapp to schedule delivery.

Exchange & Return Policy:
You may exchange or return non-perishable goods within 7 business days from the date of receipt as long as it is undamaged and shows no indication of use. Flores are extremely perishable and sensitive products, so if you give up please notify us within 24 hours by e-mail We are responsible for shipping within 24 hours (excluding orders placed on Saturdays).

Damaged Flowers:
We take great care of your gift, from flower picking to storage on delivery, but even so, there are times when some flowers wither faster or crumple. If it happens to you, we sincerely apologize. Once you receive the flowers, send us a photo that we will replace as soon as possible.

Gift Availability:
Please leave very specific instructions for delivery and make sure the address is correct. We can only make one delivery attempt. If we do not find the gift recipient or the concierge cannot receive the arrangement, we will try to contact you by liaising with the gift recipient and / or you. We have a delivery man waiting, so we ask your attention to the phone on the day and period of delivery. If this is not possible, your order will be returned to the store and we may try again with a new shipping payment.

What if the recipient refuses to receive delivery?
The delivery man will return to the store and you will be informed. Wishing delivery to another address will be charged a new shipping.

Ordinances, Docks and Reception:
We are not responsible for any damages that the arrangement may suffer when delivered to these locations.

Last Minute Gifts:
We need your order to be 100% filled on the site and / or whatsapp and pay by 4pm to be able to deliver the same day. After this time, you can withdraw the arrangement at the store until 7pm on weekdays and on Saturdays until 4pm.

Delivery Time - Can I schedule the time?
Yes, here you can schedule the delivery time. Delivery takes place from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm, but if you want to surprise outside of these hours, please contact us to get the details right and surprise even more who you like! For Sunday deliveries, please contact the store by 3pm on Saturday through the Sales Center or Whatsapp to schedule delivery.

Delivery Policy and shipping rates:
São Paulo Capital - Minimum order of R$ 60.00 (Sixty reais) - Free shipping from R$ 140.00 (One hundred and forty reais)
Paulista Avenue region deliveries in 30 minutes (Except commemorative days such as: VALENTINE'S DAY / MOTHER'S DAY etc) - Free shipping - Minimum order of BRL 50.00 (fifty reais)
Greater São Paulo (ABCD), Cidade Dutra, Guarapiranga, Guarulhos and Osasco - Minimum order of R$ 70.00 (Seventy Reais) for delivery. Free shipping from BRL 190.00 (One hundred and ninety reais)

Any questions, deliveries outside the schedule or delivery in other regions, please contact us.