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With PHYSICAL STORE IN PAULIST AVENUE, for over 27 years. Delivery to Greater Sao Paulo and ABC! Free Shipping in the area of Av. Paulista

The Company

How did Paulista Flores start?

I started working, like many of my generation at an early age, at 12 years old. It has not been easy to get here, but thanks to my commitment and the angels that God sent me, I have been in this branch at the same address for over 23 years and I can say that I am a fulfilled man.

One of these great angel is my Aunt Mitiko, who over time also became my mother, because besides teaching me the profession, took care of me and gave me all the affection and love that a child needed.

Anyway, let's go to the story ...

My Aunt Mitiko had a small flower shop in downtown Sao Paulo and at that time only sold Corbeli and the best selling flower was Chrysanthemum .... I, at 12 years old, looked at all that and thought I could never assemble a bouquet of flowers or something similar lol .... but with great aunt and patience of Aunt Mitico, in 15 days I was already reproducing the bouquets and at 14 I started to produce copyright bouquets, and from that day on I never stopped.

At 18, after saving a little money, I decided it was time to open my flower shop, but I couldn't. Do you know why? Amazed, because of the price of the phone. For those who don't know, in the 1990s having a phone was for a few, very few ... either I opened the flower shop or bought a phone ... so together with my brother I decided to open a grocery store, but I knew it wasn't that one. my dream, because whenever I could, I found a way to be working with my true passion ... the flowers.

At age 21 another angel appeared in my life to give me the strength I so needed. Nelson lent me half of his store, already on Paulista Avenue, so I could start to realize my dream and ... once again, I couldn't buy the phone, but I used Nelson's store, which was fundamental in beginning of this endeavor.

Other angels that went through my life were the secretaries, who upon entering my flower shop, were delighted with the arrangements produced by me and so, thanks to them my first clients were the office of Rede Globo and Mitsubishi.

And so was my endeavor here, soon after I got my store and buy the blessed phone rs

I often say that not seeing flowers, I translate feelings ... And in those 23 years translating feelings, I won many customers who bought flowers with me for the "first date" and who are with me to this day ... others who send flowers to wives every week There are still those who have been living abroad but still continue to present people with my flowers. With over 23 years in this business I feel privileged because I am present at all times of people's lives, from the first look, through dating, marriage, the birth of children and even condolences ... and after so many and So many years and many stories that have gone through me, I'm sure flower is the perfect gift to translate a feeling.

Leônidas Furtado - Florist for over 30 years