What to write on the card? Here are suggestions !

Good luck: I'm proud of you, all your strength and how hard you have been striving to get what you want! Good luck! You can always count on me!!

Sorry 1: And now, what am I going to do? If your lips are still wetting my lips? And didn't the tears dry with the sun you made? And now how can I forget you? Forgive me, come back to me! I love you

Sorry 2: You were the best that happened to me amid so much confusion. I do not want to lose you! Stay with me! I love you!

To girlfriend: To the most amazing girlfriend in the world I send the most passionate kiss ever! I love you!

To boyfriend: To the most amazing boyfriend in the world I send the most passionate kiss ever! I love you!

Longing: I hope time passes, I hope the week is over, So I can see you again, I hope time flies and you come back, So I can hug you, And kiss you ... again. I love you!

Dating request: You're everything I want most And my heart only has room for you, This crazy mix of desire, I get lost every time I see you I want to be your world, I want you in my world I want to love you without scared .... Want to date me?

You are my dream: You are four leaf clover. It's sunday morning for nothing, Rare and good talk, Piece of dream that makes my wanna wake up to life, You're my dream come true I love you!

Thanks: Many beautiful things cannot be seen or touched, they are felt within the heart. What you did for me is one of them and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!